Nuclear energy: The hybrid returns

  title={Nuclear energy: The hybrid returns},
  author={Ed Gerstner},
Slotting a fusion reactor into the heart of a nuclear fission plant could accelerate the development of waste-free nuclear energy. So why are all the designs still on paper, asks Ed Gerstner. 

Manufacturing methods for (U-Zr)N-fuels

In this work a manufacturing method for UN, ZrN and (U,Zr)N pellets was established at the nuclear fuel laboratory at KTH Stockholm/Sweden, which consists of the production of nitride powders and t

High‐Level Radioactive Waste Management

This review presents key contributions from the literature published world‐wide in 2009 on radioactive waste management programs. The review covers repository, radioactive waste host material

An Alternative Source for Venezuelan Nuclear Energy Production: The Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

The Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR), as the FUJI reactor project by Furukawa and collaborators, is considered as one of the generation IV six innovative concepts for alternative nuclear power

Nuclear Fusion Power for Weapons Purposes

Fusion reactors have the potential to be used for military purposes. This article provides quantitative estimates about weapon-relevant materials produced in future commercial fusion reactors and

Next Generation Nuclear Technologies: New Challenges to the Legal Framework of the IAEA from Intense Neutron Sources

In this chapter, we take intense neutron sources (INS) as a somewhat futuristic case to unveil another dimension in disputes over the application of safeguards to nuclear technologies. The current

Designing a compact, portable and high efficiency reactor

In this paper, in order to produce high-energy neutrons, the design of a compact, portable and high efficiency reactor based on a plasma focus device is investigated. The COMSOL Multiphysics software

Case and Development Path for Fusion Propulsion

This paper discusses the importance of fusion propulsion for interplanetary space travel, illustrates why the magnetoinertial fusion parameter space may facilitate the most rapid, economic path for



The fusion hybrid

In the last few years nuclear fusion by magnetic confinement has made great progress. However, an economical pure fusion power plant is still many years away. In this article I will discuss how a

A TRU-Zr Metal-Fuel Sodium-Cooled Fast Subcritical Advanced Burner Reactor

The design concept of a subcritical advanced burner reactor (SABR) is described. SABR is fueled with transuranics (TRUs) discharged from thermal reactors cast into a TRU-Zr metal fuel pin and is

Super-X divertors and high power density fusion devices

The Super-X Divertor (SXD), a robust axisymmetric redesign of the divertor magnetic geometry that can allow a fivefold increase in the core power density of toroidal fusion devices, is presented.

Fusion dreams delayed

Fusion researchers say the new scheme, known as ‘Scenario 1’ to ITER insiders, will be discussed on 17–18 June in Mito, Japan, at a council meeting that will include representatives from all seven member states and is expected to be approved at aCouncil meeting in November.

Our device operates in the plasma modes that every Tom, Dick and Harry in the plasma community can produce in their lab.

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