Nuclear effects in neutrino production of pions

  title={Nuclear effects in neutrino production of pions},
  author={Ivan Schmidt and Marat Siddikov},
  • Ivan Schmidt, Marat Siddikov
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • In this paper we study nuclear effects in the neutrinoproduction of pions. We found that in a Bjorken kinematics, for moderate $x_{B}$ accessible in ongoing and forthcoming neutrino experiments the cross-section is dominated by the incoherent contribution; the coherent contribution becomes visible only for small $|t|\lesssim1/R_{A}^{2}$, which requires $x_{B}\lesssim0.1$. Our results could be relevant to the kinematics of the ongoing MINERvA experiment in ME configuration. We provide a code… CONTINUE READING

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