Nuclear charge radius of 12Be.

  title={Nuclear charge radius of 12Be.},
  author={A. Krieger and K. Blaum and M. Bissell and N. Fr{\"o}mmgen and C. Geppert and M. Hammen and K. Kreim and M. Kowalska and J. Kr{\"a}mer and T. Neff and R. Neugart and G. Neyens and W. N{\"o}rtersh{\"a}user and C. Novotny and R. S{\'a}nchez and D. Yordanov},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={108 14},
The nuclear charge radius of (12)Be was precisely determined using the technique of collinear laser spectroscopy on the 2s(1/2)→2p(1/2,3/2) transition in the Be(+) ion. The mean square charge radius increases from (10)Be to (12)Be by δ(10,12)=0.69(5) fm(2) compared to δ(10,11)=0.49(5) fm(2) for the one-neutron halo isotope ^{11}Be. Calculations in the fermionic molecular dynamics approach show a strong sensitivity of the charge radius to the structure of ^{12}Be. The experimental charge radius… Expand
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