Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive ions at FAIR

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The nucleosynthesis of elements beyond iron is dominated by neutron captures in the s and r processes. However, 32 stable, proton-rich isotopes cannot be formed during those processes, because they are shielded from the s-process flow and r-process, β-decay chains. These nuclei are attributed to the p and rp process. For all those processes, current research in nuclear astrophysics addresses the need for more precise reaction data involving radioactive isotopes. Depending on the particular… 

r-process nucleosynthesis: connecting rare-isotope beam facilities with the cosmos

This is an exciting time for the study of r-process nucleosynthesis. Recently, a neutron star merger GW170817 was observed in extraordinary detail with gravitational waves and electromagnetic

Influence of low-lying resonances on reaction rates for n10B capture.

The possibility of description available experimental data for total cross section for reaction of the neutron capture on 10B at energies from 25.3 meV to 1.0 MeV was considered in the frame of the

Coulomb dissociation of 16O into 4He and 12C

We measured the Coulomb dissociation of 16O into 4He and 12C at the R3B setup in a first campaign within FAIR Phase 0 at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt. The goal was to

Study of the Proton Irradiation Effects in n-FZ DSSD for the Si Tracker at R3B Experiment

The R3B collaboration aims to assemble an experimental setup with high resolution and efficiency to perform kinematically complete measurements of reactions with high-energy RIBs (radioactive ion



Sensitivity of r-Process Nucleosynthesis to Light-Element Nuclear Reactions

We study the efficiency and sensitivity of r-process nucleosynthesis to 18 light-element nuclear reaction rates. We adopt empirical power-law relations to parameterize the reaction sensitivities. We

Explosive hydrogen burning

The nuclear energy generation and nucleosynthesis that occur in hydrogen-rich compositions at temperatures substantially greater than 10/sup 8/ K are examined in detail. At these high temperatures, a


The slow neutron capture process in massive stars (weak s process) produces most of the s-process isotopes between iron and strontium. Neutrons are provided by the 22Ne(α,n)25Mg reaction, which is

New Nuclear Reaction Flow during r-Process Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae: Critical Role of Light, Neutron-rich Nuclei

We study the role of light, neutron-rich nuclei during r-process nucleosynthesis in supernovae. Most previous studies of the r-process have concentrated on the reaction flow of heavy, unstable


▪ Abstract The Coulomb dissociation process, induced by the intense source of quasi-real photons acting as nuclear particles pass through the field of a heavy nucleus, has attracted a great deal of

Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR)

The concept of the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) has been developed by the international science community and the GSI Laboratory. It builds and substantially expands on many

The r-, p-, and νp-Process

The processes discussed in this review are three of the four nucleosynthesis processes involved in producing heavy nuclei beyond Fe (not counting the rp-process in X-ray bursts). Opposite to the

Probing the Neutron‐Capture Nucleosynthesis History of Galactic Matter

The heavy elements formed by neutron‐capture processes have an interesting history from which we can extract useful clues to and constraints upon both the characteristics of the processes themselves