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Nuclear Terrorism: Calibrating Funding for Defensive Programs in Response to the Threat

  title={Nuclear Terrorism: Calibrating Funding for Defensive Programs in Response to the Threat},
  author={Sean W. Haglund},
Abstract : The risk of a nuclear attack by terrorists is one of the most urgent and threatening dangers facing the U.S. The U.S. National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction depicts a layered system of preventive measures ranging from securing materials at foreign sources to interdicting weapons or nuclear materials at ports, border crossings, and within the U.S. Several departments within the U.S. government manage these preventive programs with little cross departmental integration… Expand


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Acknowledgements Foreword 1. The Growing Threat 2. The Nuclear Terrorists: Who, Why, and How Capable 3. Seizing the Bomb: Theft, Diversion, and Instability 4. Making the Bomb: Loose Materials andExpand