Nuclear Repulsion Enables Division Autonomy in a Single Cytoplasm

  title={Nuclear Repulsion Enables Division Autonomy in a Single Cytoplasm},
  author={Cori A. Anderson and Umut Eser and Therese Korndorf and Mark E. Borsuk and Jan M Skotheim and Amy S Gladfelter},
  journal={Current Biology},
BACKGROUND Current models of cell-cycle control, based on classic studies of fused cells, predict that nuclei in a shared cytoplasm respond to the same CDK activities to undergo synchronous cycling. However, synchrony is rarely observed in naturally occurring syncytia, such as the multinucleate fungus Ashbya gossypii. In this system, nuclei divide asynchronously, raising the question of how nuclear timing differences are maintained despite sharing a common milieu. RESULTS We observe that… CONTINUE READING
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