Nuclear Envelope-Associated Chromosome Dynamics during Meiotic Prophase I

  title={Nuclear Envelope-Associated Chromosome Dynamics during Meiotic Prophase I},
  author={Xinhua Zeng and Keqi Li and Rong Yuan and Hongfei Gao and Junling Luo and F. Liu and Y. Wu and G. Wu and X. Yan},
  journal={Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology},
  • Xinhua Zeng, Keqi Li, +6 authors X. Yan
  • Published 2018
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Chromosome dynamics during meiotic prophase I are associated with a series of major events such as chromosomal reorganization and condensation, pairing/synapsis and recombination of the homologs, and chromosome movements at the nuclear envelope (NE). The NE is the barrier separating the nucleus from the cytoplasm and thus plays a central role in NE-associated chromosomal movements during meiosis. Previous studies have shown in various species that NE-linked chromosome dynamics are actually… CONTINUE READING
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