Nramp1 phagocyte intracellular metal withdrawal defense.


Natural resistance-associated macrophage proteins (Nramp) are multispecific symporters facilitating proton-dependent import of divalent metals. Nramp1 restricts microbial access to essential micro-nutrients such as iron and manganese within professional phagosomes. Increased understanding of Nramp1 roles in human phagocytes will be useful for future… (More)


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@article{Cellier2007Nramp1PI, title={Nramp1 phagocyte intracellular metal withdrawal defense.}, author={Mathieu F. M. Cellier and Pascal Courville and Carole G. Campion}, journal={Microbes and infection}, year={2007}, volume={9 14-15}, pages={1662-70} }