Nozione di parallelismo in una varietà qualunque e conseguente specificazione geometrica della curvatura riemanniana

  title={Nozione di parallelismo in una variet{\`a} qualunque e conseguente specificazione geometrica della curvatura riemanniana},
  author={Memoria di T. Levi-Civita},
  journal={Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo (1884-1940)},
Universal and Unified Field Theory 》 2 . Quantum Field Generators of Horizon Infrastructure
Harnessed with the Universal Topology, Mathematical Framework and Universal Field Equations, the comprehensive discoveries and a broad range of applications to both classical and contemporary physicsExpand
On the history of Levi-Civita's parallel transport
In this historical note, we wish to highlight the crucial conceptual role played by the principle of virtual work of analytical mechanics, in working out the fundamental notion of parallel transportExpand
Characterization of the pseudo-symmetries of ideal Wintgen submanifolds of dimension 3
Recently, Choi and Lu proved that the Wintgen inequality ρ ≤ H2−ρ⊥ +k, (where ρ is the normalized scalar curvature and H2, respectively ρ⊥, are the squared mean curvature and the normalizedExpand
Particles here and beyond the Mirror
This is a research on all kinds of particles, which could be conceivable in the space-time of General Relativity. In addition to mass-bearing particles and light-like particles, zero-particles areExpand
Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity
I. Introduction: Newtonian Physics and Special Relativity- 1. Relativity Principals and Gravitation 2. The Special Theory of Relativity II. The Mathematics of the General Theory of Relativity- 3.Expand
From Photonic Crystals to Seismic Metamaterials: A Review via Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials
The advancement in electromagnetic metamaterials, which commenced three decades ago, experienced a rapid transformation into acoustic and elastic systems in the forms of phononic crystals andExpand
Generalized Affine Connections Associated with the Space of Centered Planes
Our purpose is to study a space Π of centered m-planes in n-projective space. Generalized fiberings (with semi-gluing) are investigated. Planar and normal affine connections associated with the spaceExpand
Lie Algebroids and the Geometry of Off-shell BRST
It is well-known that principal bundles and associated bundles underlie the geometric structure of classical gauge field theories. In this paper, we explore the reformulation of gauge theories inExpand
Nothing but coincidences: the point-coincidence and Einstein’s struggle with the meaning of coordinates in physics
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Relativistic fluid dynamics: physics for many different scales
The relativistic fluid is a highly successful model used to describe the dynamics of many-particle systems moving at high velocities and/or in strong gravity. It takes as input physics fromExpand


Méthodes de calcul différentiel absolu et leurs applications
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