Novos registros de espécies da subtribo Ecliptinae (Heliantheae - Asteraceae) para a Amazônia brasileira

  title={Novos registros de esp{\'e}cies da subtribo Ecliptinae (Heliantheae - Asteraceae) para a Amaz{\^o}nia brasileira},
  author={Genilson Alves dos Reis e Silva and Jo{\~a}o Ubiratan Moreira dos Santos},
  journal={Acta Amazonica},
The following seven species of the subtribe Ecliptinae found in the states of Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Para and Rondonia have been recorded at the Brazilian Amazonia, for the first time: Acmella uliginosa, Aspilia camporum, Aspilia ulei, Melanthera latifolia, Melanthera nivea, Spilanthes nervosa and Wedelia calycina. Species descriptions and illustrations are presented, as well as information about geographic distribution, habitats and phenology. These new records highlight the importance of the… 

Ambrosiinae e Helianthinae (Heliantheae - Asteraceae) na Amazônia Legal brasileira

Resumo O trabalho apresenta o tratamento taxonômico das espécies das subtribos Ambrosiinae e Helianthinae, pertencentes a tribo Heliantheae (Asteraceae), na Amazônia Legal brasileira. São

Oyedaea bahiensis , a new synonym in the Brazilian Heliantheae (Asteraceae)

The taxonomic status of Oyedaea bahiensis is clarified. This name is placed here to the synonymy of Aspilia martii , which is described and illustrated. The names Oyedaea angustifolia and O.

Angiospermas aquáticas da Área de Proteção Ambiental (APA) do Cariri, Paraíba, Brasil

A Area de Protecao Ambiental (APA) do Cariri esta localizada entre os municipios de Boa Vista e Cabaceiras, estado da Paraiba, Nordeste do Brasil. Esta APA apresenta microhabitats variados, dentre os

Estudo taxonômico e etnobotânico sobre a família Asteraceae (Dumortier) em uma comunidade rural no Nordeste do Brasil

O levantamento dos dados etnobotânicos foi realizado por meio of entrevistas semiestruturadas, conversas informais e turnes-guiadas, bem como a interacao dos moradores com os bens naturais e o modo of vida das pessoas.



Asteraceae do Parque Nacional da Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais, Brasil

A check-list of Asteraceae was carried out between February 1994 until January 1998, in Serra da Canastra National Park, which is located in Southern Brazil, resulting in the discovery of 27 new species.

Compositae of the Guayana Highland---XI. Tuberculocarpus gen. nov. and some other Ecliptinae (Heliantheae)

The Ecliptinae Lessing (including Verbesininae Bentham) of the Heliantheae (Compositae) are difficult taxonomically, both at the generic and specific levels.

Systematics of Spilanthes (Compositae: Heliantheae)

The present investigation clarifies generic relationships of Spilanthes in relation to Acmella, presents the taxonomy of the six species of Spi- lanthes, and develops a phylogenetic reconstruction of these species using cladistic methods.

Lipochaeta and Melanthera (Asteraceae: Heliantheae subtribe Ecliptinae): establishing their natural limits and a synopsis

Melanthera is delimited by an abruptly narrowed to truncate and flattened top of the achene, (0−)1–15(−20) often unequal, ciliate or barbellate, caducous pappus bristles immediately surrounding the corolla, involucral bracts and receptacular paleae with many veins forming longitudinal striations, and n=15.

Morphological phylogenetics of theAsteraceae-Asteroideae, with notes on character evolution

  • P. Karis
  • Biology
    Plant Systematics and Evolution
  • 2004
The relationships within the Asteraceae-Asteroideae are scrutinized by means of cladistic analyses of morphological and chemical data, and speculations about the evolution of certain organs are presented.

A revision of the tribal and subtribal limits of the Heliantheae (Asteraceae)

The tribe Heliantheae is expanded to include the genera previously placed in the tribe Heienieae and many genera from the Senecioneae, and thirty-five subtribes are recognized and described.

Catalog of the Angiosperms and Gymnosperms of the Peru : Asteraceae

  • Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden
  • 1994

A revision of North American and Caribbean Melanthera (Compositae)

The systematics of Acmella (Asteraceae-Heliantheae)