Novos Cenários de Aprendizagem, Inovação e Sustentabilidade: Uma Pesquisa-Ação na Graduação em Ciências e Tecnologia

  title={Novos Cen{\'a}rios de Aprendizagem, Inovaç{\~a}o e Sustentabilidade: Uma Pesquisa-Aç{\~a}o na Graduaç{\~a}o em Ci{\^e}ncias e Tecnologia},
  author={Maria Madalena Colette and Maria da Conceiç{\"a}o Silva},
  journal={RISTI: Revista Ib{\'e}rica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informaç{\~a}o},
  • M. Colette, M. D. Silva
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • RISTI: Revista Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação
This article presents an Action Research, held in 2012 in UNIFESO, focusing on the creation of new learning scenarios. The research project focused on creating ways to support entrepreneurial initiatives of the students related to the field of training. The exploratory phase confirmed hypothesis about student demand for support for their ideas. The main phase of the research pointed to a mismatch between the intention of participation by students and effective participation of these in action… Expand
El papel de la familia en la construcción de la competencia digital
The different use and meaning of technology are highlighted: in families with high cultural capital they occupy a secondary role -in the value they attach to it and the time they devote to it-, since their status does not depend on the mastery of ICTs; in low-level families they are seen as a means of access to information and knowledge and there are hardly any rules that limit their use, and in mid-level Families they are perceived as an instrument for social advancement. Expand


A pesquisa-ação participante como estratégia metodológica para o estudo do empreendedorismo social em administração de empresas
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Sobre a pesquisa-ação na educação e asarmadilhas do praticismo
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