Novella, nouvelle, novella, short novel? — A review of terms

  title={Novella, nouvelle, novella, short novel? — A review of terms},
  author={Gerald Ernest Paul Gillespie},

Los adioses (1954) de Juan Carlos Onetti: procedimientos para alcanzar la sugerencia y el énfasis en el significado como nouvelle

ABSTRACT Based on a presentation of the production of nouvelles in Hispanic America and its current study, in which the permanent academic and critical interest in Juan Carlos Onetti's Los adioses

Addressing the Problem of Coherence in Automatic Text Summarization: A Latent Semantic Analysis Approach

A hybrid of methods including statistical (TF-IDF) and semantic (Latent Semantic Analysis LSA) methods were used to derive the most distinctive features and extract summaries from 10 English novellas, indicating that the integration of LSA into features extraction methods achieves better summarization performance outcomes in terms of coherence properties within the extracted summaries.

Boccaccio, el Decamerón y la acuñación de un neologismo: la “novela” en el siglo XV

This article recovers and analyses the earliest appearances of the term “novel” as the name for a new narrative model. In the fifteenth century, the circulation of manuscripts of Boccaccio’s The

Novellenbegriffe in der Diskussion

Begriffe dienen dazu, das Wesen der Dinge zu markieren und scheinen diese Funktion eindeutig ausuben zu mussen; dennoch erweisen sie sich oft als Worter, die »von Fall zu Fall einen anderen Inhalt«

Reflexionsgeschichtliche Wegemarken des Novellenbegriffs

Das Wort ›Novelle‹ gehort ursprunglich dem juristisch-politischen Fachwortschatz an und bedeutet ein Nachtragsgesetz (ein »Gesetz, das in einem erganzenden oder abandernden Nachtrag zu einem bereits

Deslinde teórico de la novela corta

The present study tries to delimit the position of the short novel, attending to its genenc condition, as opposed to other varieties or genres from other literatures which are more or less similar

The Novella in Arabic: a Study in Fictional Genres

  • R. Allen
  • Art, Linguistics
    International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 1986
Before broaching the main topic of this study, there seem to me to be two general issues involving terms in the title which need to be addressed: The one concerns nomenclature, the other the question