Novel use of the Cochlear® Hybrid CI24REH cochlear implant.

  title={Novel use of the Cochlear® Hybrid CI24REH cochlear implant.},
  author={Yahya Atiya and Mohamed Razwi Ahmed and Dani Schlesinger-Michelow},
  journal={Cochlear implants international},
  volume={19 3},
Cochlear implantation is becoming more widespread. From its early days to date, huge strides have been made in the technology and surgical technique. However, one challenge remains: implanting malformed or abnormal cochleae. Even more challenging is a cochlea that appears normal at first glance, but is not. We present a case of a child with chondrodysplasia punctata, who had apparently morphologically normal inner ears, but with one major obstacle: the cochlea was smaller than normal in all… CONTINUE READING

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