Novel ultra-thin near-eye augmented-view device (UNAD).


The current augmented-view device for glaucoma patients are limited by the low angle minification (less than 3X), image overlapping and pupil mismatching. We present a novel ultra-thin near-eye augmented-view device (UNAD) with a proper minification angle of 4X to avoid scanning eye movements. The device is realized by one symmetrical ultra-thin off-axis eight-mirror reversed telescopic optical system (field-of-view (FOV): x:-34°~3°; y: -5°~-20°, 5°~20°) and one central un-minified optical system (FOV: -5°~5°), and hence, the system can achieve a FOV (x:-34°~3°; y: -20°~20°) without overlapping images. Furthermore, the device fully accounts for pupil matching with the entrance pupil of the human eye. Finally, the simulation results in CODE V and LightTools verify that our proposed system is feasible and has potential practical value for glaucoma patients.

DOI: 10.1364/OE.24.001305

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@article{Zhu2016NovelUN, title={Novel ultra-thin near-eye augmented-view device (UNAD).}, author={Y. Zhu and J H Chang and Ying Niu and Wen Chen and Xiang Ying Du}, journal={Optics express}, year={2016}, volume={24 2}, pages={1305-13} }