Novel type-specific lipooligosaccharides from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

  title={Novel type-specific lipooligosaccharides from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.},
  author={Mamadou Daff{\'e} and Michael R. McNeil and Patrick Joseph Brennan},
  volume={30 2},
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (strain Canetti) is characterized by the presence of two novel glycolipids of the alkali-labile, trehalose-containing lipooligosaccharide class. Their structures were established by permethylation, partial acid hydrolysis, infrared and high-field NMR spectroscopy, and electron-impact and fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry of the native glycolipids and hydrolysis products. The trehalose substituent is unique in that it is methylated at the 6'-position. The… CONTINUE READING