Novel stable dendrimersome formulation for safe bioimaging applications.

  title={Novel stable dendrimersome formulation for safe bioimaging applications.},
  author={Miriam Filippi and Deyssy Patrucco and Jonathan Martinelli and Mauro Botta and Pablo Castro-Hartmann and Lorenzo Tei and Enzo Terreno},
  volume={7 30},
Dendrimersomes are nanosized vesicles constituted by amphiphilic Janus dendrimers (JDs), which have been recently proposed as innovative nanocarriers for biomedical applications. Recently, we have demonstrated that dendrimersomes self-assembled from (3,5)12G1-PE-BMPA-G2-(OH)8 dendrimers can be successfully loaded with hydrophilic and amphiphilic imaging contrast agents. Here, we present two newly synthesized low generation isomeric JDs: JDG0G1(3,5) and JDG0G1(3,4). Though less branched than the… CONTINUE READING