Novel selective compounds for the investigation of imidazoline receptors.

  title={Novel selective compounds for the investigation of imidazoline receptors.},
  author={Alan L. Hudson and Ronan Gough and Robin J. Tyacke and L Lione and Maggie D M Lalies and J Lewis and S D Husbands and Peter Knight and Fraser Murray and P. G. Hutson and David J. Nutt},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Over several years our group has sought to synthesize and identify selective ligands for imidazoline (I) receptors, in particular the I2 binding site. As a consequence, [3H]2-(2-benzofuranyl)-2-imidazoline (2BFI) has proved extremely useful for binding and autoradiographic studies. More recently we have synthesized a BU series of compounds and examined these for their affinities for both I1 and I2 binding sites. BU224 (2-(4,5-dihydroimidaz-2-yl)-quinoline) shows high affinity for I2 receptors… CONTINUE READING
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