Novel regulation of melanogenesis by adiponectin via the AMPK/CRTC pathway.

  title={Novel regulation of melanogenesis by adiponectin via the AMPK/CRTC pathway.},
  author={Seunghyun Bang and K H Won and Hye-Rim Moon and Hanju Yoo and Areum Hong and Youngsup Song and Sung Eun Chang},
  journal={Pigment cell & melanoma research},
  volume={30 6},
Several studies observed that adiponectin, an important adipokine that improves glucose metabolism by regulating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) signaling, is dermatologically beneficial. In our recent microarray data, we found that adiponectin expression was lower in lesional skin than in non-lesional skin of melasma patients. Given that AMPK is a key adiponectin signaling mediator, we investigated the role of adiponectin and AICAR, a cell-permeable AMPK activator, in melanogenesis. We… CONTINUE READING

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