Novel products and new technologies for use of a familiar carbohydrate, milk lactose.

  title={Novel products and new technologies for use of a familiar carbohydrate, milk lactose.},
  author={Shangtian Yang and Edilberto Magalh{\~a}es Silva},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={78 11},
The cheese industry produces large amounts of lactose in the form of cheese whey and whey permeate, generating approximately 27 million tonnes/yr in the US alone. Many uses have been found for whey and lactose, including uses in infant formula; bakery, dairy, and confectionery products; animal feed; and feedstocks for lactose derivatives and several industrial fermentations. Lactose use in food products, however, is somewhat limited because of its low solubility and indigestibility in many… CONTINUE READING


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