Novel preparation of zein microspheres conjugated with PS-K available for cancer immunotherapy.

  title={Novel preparation of zein microspheres conjugated with PS-K available for cancer immunotherapy.},
  author={Yuko Matsuda and T. Suzuki and E Sato and M. Sato and Satoko Koizumi and Katsuo Unno and T. Kato and K. Nakai},
  journal={Chemical \& pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={37 3},
Microspheres which entrapped PS-K were prepared using Zein as a carrier matrix by a one-step or two-step process in dimethyl sulfoxide-H2O media. Microspheres prepared by the latter process provided satisfactory recovery and uptake of PS-K. Use of a catalytic amount of dl-camphorsulfonic acid, glutaraldehyde and rapid addition of aqueous solution of polyvinylpyrrolidone into the reaction media are crucial for the preparation of fine and mono-dispersed microspheres. The release rate of PS-K… 

Zein microspheres as drug/antigen carriers: A study of their degradation and erosion, in the presence and absence of enzymes

In the laboratory, zein microspheres are being investigated as drug/vaccine delivery systems. Preliminary experiments revealed that the release of an entrapped solute (ovalbumin, a model antigen) was


The spheres formed and characterized as described in this thesis show great potential for Oral gene delivery, and with judicious modification should be rendered even more likely to be applied clinically in oral gene delivery as well as tissue engineering and intramuscular injection applications.

Development of a novel AMX-loaded PLGA/zein microsphere for root canal disinfection

PLGA/zein MSs prepared by spray drying may be a useful drug delivery system for root canal disinfection and were efficient against E faecalis as demonstrated by the antibiogram results.

Encapsulation of essential oils in zein nanospherical particles.

Gel electrophoresis SDS-PAGE of zein incubated with freeze-dried swine manure solids at 37 degrees C indicated that preformed microbial enzymes capable of digesting zein within minutes were present in the manure.

Design, fabrication and biomedical applications of zein-based nano/micro-carrier systems.