Novel polyunsaturated n-alkenes in the marine diatom Rhizosolenia setigera.

  title={Novel polyunsaturated n-alkenes in the marine diatom Rhizosolenia setigera.},
  author={Jaap Smede Sinninghe Damst{\'e} and Stefan Schouten and W. Irene C. Rijpstra and Ellen C. Hopmans and H. Peletier and Winfried W. C. Gieskes and Jan A. J. Geenevasen},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={267 18},
Four previously unknown n-C25 and n-C27 heptaenes of the marine diatom Rhizosolenia setigera were isolated and identified using NMR spectroscopy. They possess six methylene interrupted (Z)-double bonds starting at C-3 and an additional terminal or n-2 (Z)-double bond. Structural and stable carbon isotopic evidence suggests that these polyenes are biosynthesized by chain elongation of the C22:6n-3 fatty acid, followed by decarboxylation and introduction of double bonds at specific positions. 
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