Novel integrable interpolations

  title={Novel integrable interpolations},
  author={Georgios Itsios and Konstantinos Sfetsos and Konstantinos Siampos},
A novel class of integrable σ-models interpolating between exact coset conformal field theories in the IR and hyperbolic spaces in the UV is constructed. We demonstrate the relation to the asymptotic limit of λ-deformed models for cosets of non-compact groups. An integrable model interpolating between two spacetimes with cosmological and black hole interpretations and exact conformal field theory descriptions is also provided. In the process of our work, a new zoom-in limit, distinct from the… Expand
Kerr-Schild perturbations of coset CFTs as scale invariant integrable $\sigma$-models
Kerr–Schild perturbations in General Relativity provide a fruitful way of constructing new exact solutions starting from known ones, elucidating also the structure of the spacetimes. We initiate suchExpand


Generalised integrable λ- and η-deformations and their relation
We construct two-parameter families of integrable λ -deformations of two-dimensional field theories. These interpolate between a CFT (a WZW/gauged WZW model) and the non-Abelian T-dual of a principalExpand
Integrable interpolations: From exact CFTs to non-Abelian T-duals
We derive two new classes of integrable theories interpolating between exact CFT WZW or gauged WZW models and non-Abelian T-duals of principal chiral models or geometric coset models. They areExpand
Integrable flows between exact CFTs
A bstractWe explicitly construct families of integrable σ-model actions smoothly inter-polating between exact CFTs. In the ultraviolet the theory is the direct product of two current algebras atExpand
The all-loop non-Abelian Thirring model and its RG flow
Abstract We analyze the renormalization group flow in a recently constructed class of integrable σ-models which interpolate between WZW current algebra models and the non-Abelian T-duals of PCM for aExpand
Spacetimes for λ-deformations
A bstractWe examine a recently proposed class of integrable deformations to two-dimensional conformal field theories. These λ-deformations interpolate between a WZW model and the non-Abelian T-dualExpand
S-Matrices and Quantum Group Symmetry of k-Deformed Sigma Models
Recently, several kinds of integrable deformations of the string world sheet theory in the gauge/gravity correspondence have been constructed. One class of these, the k deformations associated to theExpand
New integrable canonical structures in two-dimensional models
Abstract We develop a new canonical r - s matrix type approach for integrable two-dimensional models of non-ultralocal type. The L -matrices algebra and the monodromy matrices' algebras are given inExpand
Integrable deformations of strings on symmetric spaces
A bstractA general class of deformations of integrable sigma-models with symmetric space F/G target-spaces are found. These deformations involve defining the non-abelian T dual of the sigma-model andExpand
Gauged WZW-type theories and the all-loop anisotropic non-Abelian Thirring model
We study what we call the all-loop anisotropic bosonized Thirring σ-model. This interpolates between the WZW model and the non-Abelian T-dual of the principal chiral model for a simple group. It hasExpand
Global analysis of new gravitational singularities in string and particle theories.
  • Bars, Sfetsos
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1992
A global analysis of the geometries that arise in noncompact current algebra (or gauged WZW) coset models of strings and particles propagating in curved space-time and discusses the geodesically complete spaces on each side of these surfaces and interpret the motion of particles in physical terms. Expand