Novel inhibitors of advanced glycation endproducts (part II).

  title={Novel inhibitors of advanced glycation endproducts (part II).},
  author={Samuel Rahbar and K K Yerneni and Steven Scott and Noe Gonzales and Iraj Lalezari},
  journal={Molecular cell biology research communications : MCBRC},
  volume={3 6},
Enhanced formation and accumulation of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), have been implicated as a major pathogenesis process leading to diabetic complications, normal aging, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer's Disease. Several potential drug candidates as AGE inhibitors have been reported recently. The aim of this study was to develop classes of novel inhibitors of glycation, AGE formation, and AGE-crosslinking and to investigate their effects through in vitro chemical and immunochemical… CONTINUE READING


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