Novel forms of neuronal migration in the rat cerebellum.

  title={Novel forms of neuronal migration in the rat cerebellum.},
  author={Gerhard Hager and H. U. Dodt and Walter Zieglg{\"a}nsberger and Paivi Liesi},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience research},
  volume={40 2},
Infrared video microscopy of neonatal rat cerebellum (P0-P14) was used to directly visualize migrating granule neurons in relation to other cerebellar cells in a brain slice for up to 24 hr. Initially (P0-P5), granule neurons move along radial migration pathways of other neuronal fibers. These pathways are probably established by the bipolar granule neurons that attach to the external basement membrane via one process and extend another process toward the Purkinje cell layer. At P5-P8, a… CONTINUE READING

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