Novel features of ARS selection in budding yeast Lachancea kluyveri

  title={Novel features of ARS selection in budding yeast Lachancea kluyveri},
  author={Ivan Liachko and Emi Tanaka and Katherine Cox and Shau Chee Claire Chung and Lu Yang and Arael Seher and Lindsay Hallas and Eugene K Cha and Gina Kang and Heather Mae Pace and Jasmine Barrow and Maki Inada and Bik K. Tye and Uri Keich},
  booktitle={BMC Genomics},
The characterization of DNA replication origins in yeast has shed much light on the mechanisms of initiation of DNA replication. However, very little is known about the evolution of origins or the evolution of mechanisms through which origins are recognized by the initiation machinery. This lack of understanding is largely due to the vast evolutionary distances between model organisms in which origins have been examined. In this study we have isolated and characterized autonomously replicating… CONTINUE READING


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