Novel explicit multi spin string solitons in AdS5

  title={Novel explicit multi spin string solitons in AdS5},
  author={Arne L. Larsen and A. Ali Khan},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},


We find new explicit solutions describing closed strings spinning with equal angular momentum in two independent planes in the AdS5 black hole space–time. These are 2n-folded strings in the radial

Wound and rotating strings in AdS 5 × S 5

From the Nambu-Goto string action using a non-diagonal gauge we construct a solution describing a wound string in AdS5 × S5 which rotates in the same angular direction as the winding direction in S5.

Dual spikes—New spiky string solutions

We find a new class of spiky solutions for closed strings in flat, AdS3???AdS5 and R ? S2(??S5) backgrounds. In the flat case the new solutions turn out to be T-dual configurations of spiky strings

Rotating Strings in Massive Type IIA

Massive type IIA supergravity admits a warped AdS 6 × S 4 vacuum solution, which is expected to be dual to an N = 2, D = 5 super-conformal Yang-Mills theory. We study solutions for strings rotating

Spiky strings with two spins in AdS5

Using the reduction of the string sigma model to the 1-d Neumann integrable model we reconstruct the closed string solution with two equal spins in AdS5 which is specified by the number of round arcs

Semiclassical strings on AdS5 × S5/ℤM and operators in orbifold field theories

We show agreements, at one-loop level of field theory, between energies of semiclassical string states on AdS5 ? S5/M and anomalous dimensions of operators in = 0,1,2 orbifold field theories

Integrable Hamiltonian for Classical Strings on AdS5 x S5

We flnd the hamiltonian for physical excitations of the classical bosonic string propagating in the AdS5£S 5 space-time. The hamiltonian is obtained in a so-called uniform gauge which is related to

Rotating Strings in Massive Type IIA Supergravity

Massive type IIA supergravity admits a warped AdS_6 x S^4 vacuum solution, which is expected to be dual to an N=2, D=5 super-conformal Yang-Mills theory. We study solutions for strings rotating or



Open Spinning Strings

We find classical open string solutions in the $AdS_5\times S^5/\Zop_2$ orientifold with angular momenta along the five-sphere. The energy of these solutions has an expansion in integral powers of

Rotating and orbiting strings in the near-horizon brane backgrounds

Using the Schwarzschild-type coordinates in stead of the global ones we reconstruct the classical rotating closed string solutions in the AdS5 × S5 backgrounds. They are explicitly described by the

Circular Semiclassical String solutions on Confining AdS/CFT Backgrounds

We study multiwrapped circular string pulsating in the radial direction of AdS black hole. We compute the energy of this string as a function of a large quantum number n. One then could associate it

Spinning strings in AdS(5) x S**5: New integrable system relations

A general class of rotating closed string solutions in AdS5 × S 5 is shown to be described by a Neumann-Rosochatius one-dimensional integrable system. The latter represents an oscillator on a sphere

On the Classical String Solutions and String/Field Theory Duality II

Based on the recently considered classical string configurations, in the framework of the semi-classical limit of the string/gauge theory correspondence, we describe a procedure for obtaining exact

Precision spectroscopy of AdS / CFT

We extend recent remarkable progress in the comparison of the dynamical energy spectrum of rotating closed strings in AdS5 ×S 5 and the scaling weights of the corresponding non-near-BPS operators in

Orbiting Strings in AdS Black Holes and Script N = 4 SYM at Finite Temperature

FollowingGubser,KlebanovandPolyakov(hep-th/0204051),westudystrings in AdS black hole backgrounds. With respect to the pure AdS case, rotating strings are replaced by orbiting strings. We interpret