Novel dual Src/Abl inhibitors for hematologic and solid malignancies.

  title={Novel dual Src/Abl inhibitors for hematologic and solid malignancies.},
  author={Silvia Schenone and Chiara Brullo and Francesca Musumeci and Maurizio Botta},
  journal={Expert opinion on investigational drugs},
  volume={19 8},
IMPORTANCE OF THE FIELD c-Src and Bcr-Abl are two non-receptor or cytoplasmic tyrosine kinases (TKs) that play important roles in the development of solid and hematological malignancies. Indeed, Src is overexpressed or hyperactivated in a variety of solid tumors, while Bcr-Abl is the causative agent of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), where Src is also involved. The two enzymes share significant sequence homology and remarkable structural resemblance. AREAS COVERED IN THIS REVIEW ATP… CONTINUE READING


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