Novel complementary peptides to target molecules.

  title={Novel complementary peptides to target molecules.},
  author={Hidechika Okada and Masaki Imai and Fumiko Ono and Alan Okada and Toyohiro Tada and Yuka Mizue and Keiji Terao and Noriko Okada},
  journal={Anticancer research},
  volume={31 7},
We generated an evolutionary computer program that generates complementary peptide (C-pep) sequences, with the potential to interact with a target peptide, by comparing several physico-chemical parameters of each pair of the complementary peptides being analyzed. We generated C-peps to target several molecules. About 30% of synthesized C-peps interfered with the function of their targets. C5a stimulates generation of TNFα and other inflammatory cytokines. Inhibition of C5a should be effective… CONTINUE READING