Novel class of glycosphingolipids involved in male fertility.

  title={Novel class of glycosphingolipids involved in male fertility.},
  author={Roger Sandhoff and Rudolf Geyer and Richard Jennemann and Claudia Paret and {\'E}va {\'I}risz Kiss and Tadashi Yamashita and Karin Gorgas and Tjeerd Sijmonsma and Masao Iwamori and Catherine Finaz and Richard L Proia and Herbert Wiegandt and Hermann-Josef Gr{\"o}ne},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 29},
Mice require testicular glycosphingolipids (GSLs) for proper spermatogenesis. Mutant mice strains deficient in specific genes encoding biosynthetic enzymes of the GSL pathway including Galgt1 (encoding GM2 synthase) and Siat9 (encoding GM3 synthase) have been established lacking various overlapping subsets of GSLs. Although male Galgt1-/- mice are infertile, male Siat9-/- mice are fertile. Interestingly, GSLs thought to be essential for male spermatogenesis are not synthesized in either of… CONTINUE READING

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