Novel bocaparvoviruses in rabbits.


Bocaparvovirus is a newly established genus within the family Parvoviridae and has been identified as a possible cause of enteric, respiratory, reproductive/neonatal and neurological disease in humans and several animal species. In this study, metagenomic analysis was used to identify and characterise a novel bocaparvovirus in the faeces of rabbits with… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.tvjl.2015.08.005


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@article{Lanave2015NovelBI, title={Novel bocaparvoviruses in rabbits.}, author={Gianvito Lanave and Vito Martella and Szilvia L Farkas and Szilvia Marton and Enikő Feh{\'e}r and L{\'i}via Bodnar and Antonio Lavazza and Nicola Decaro and Canio Buonavoglia and K B{\'a}nyai}, journal={Veterinary journal}, year={2015}, volume={206 2}, pages={131-5} }