Novel biodosimetry methods applied to victims of the Goiânia accident.

  title={Novel biodosimetry methods applied to victims of the Goi{\^a}nia accident.},
  author={Tore Straume and Ronald G. Langlois and J. N. Lucas and Ronald H. Jensen and William L. Bigbee and Adriana T. Ramalho and C E Brand{\~a}o-Mello},
  journal={Health physics},
  volume={60 1},
Two biodosimetric methods under development at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were applied to five persons accidentally exposed to a 137Cs source in Goiânia, Brazil. The methods used were somatic "null" mutations at the glycophorin A locus detected as missing proteins on the surface of blood erythrocytes and chromosome translocations in blood lymphocytes detected using fluorescence in-situ hybridization. Biodosimetric results obtained approximately 1 y after the accident using these… CONTINUE READING
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