Novel architectures for the lifting-based discrete wavelet transform

  title={Novel architectures for the lifting-based discrete wavelet transform},
  author={Hongyu Liao and M. Mandal and B. Cockburn},
  journal={IEEE CCECE2002. Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.02CH37373)},
  pages={1020-1025 vol.2}
  • Hongyu Liao, M. Mandal, B. Cockburn
  • Published 2002
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE CCECE2002. Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.02CH37373)
In this paper, we propose two modular and highly efficient architectures, the recursive architecture and the double scan architecture, for implementing the lifting-based discrete wavelet transform. The recursive architecture simultaneously processes all stages of the transform, while the double scan architecture processes two independent signals at the same time. Compared to other known architectures, both new architectures significantly improve the efficiency and hardware utilization. Compared… Expand
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