Novel approaches to antimalarial drug discovery.


Major advances in our understanding of malaria parasite biology have been made. Coupled with the completion of the malaria genome, this has presented exciting opportunities for target-based antimalarial drug discovery. However, the unraveling of more validated biological targets will not necessarily translate into the identification of new chemical entities that are effective against drug resistant parasites in the long term. As history has already shown, development of antiplasmodial agents aimed at a single parasite target or specialized process has failed to stem the tide of drug resistance. This review highlights recent starting points and/or approaches to antimalarial drug discovery with particular emphasis on innovative efforts, which are not necessarily based on the identification of new drug targets and attendant inhibitor design. Approaches covered include utilization of validated chemical scaffolds, bioprecursor and carrier prodrugs, double drug development and/or multi-therapeutic strategies, use of metallocenic scaffolds, the medicinal chemistry of antimalarial natural products and in silico drug design.

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