Novel amber suppressor tRNAs of mammalian origin.

  title={Novel amber suppressor tRNAs of mammalian origin.},
  author={Rosaura P C Valle and M. D. Morch and A. L. Haenni},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={6 10},
Two amber suppressor tRNAs have been isolated from calf liver. They are different from previously identified naturally occurring amber suppressors of eukaryotes in so far as they are neither tRNATyr nor tRNAGln. They are leucine iso-acceptors and their nucleotide sequence indicates that they harbour a CAA and a CAG anticodon respectively. Both species are functional as amber suppressors as demonstrated by readthrough of the amber codon which terminates the 126 kd protein gene of tobacco mosaic… CONTINUE READING
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