Novel Pyrimidines as Antitubercular Agents.

  title={Novel Pyrimidines as Antitubercular Agents.},
  author={Daigo Inoyama and Steven D Paget and Riccardo Russo and Srinivasan Kandasamy and Pradeep Kumar and Eric Singleton and James L. Occi and Margareta Tuckman and Matthew Zimmerman and Hsin Pin Ho and Alexander L. Perryman and V{\'e}ronique Dartois and Nancy D. Connell and Joel S. Freundlich},
  journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy},
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Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is responsible for a global pandemic. New drugs are needed that do not show cross-resistance with the existing front-line therapeutics. A triazine antitubercular hit led to the design of a related pyrimidine family. The synthesis of a focused series of these analogs facilitated exploration of their in vitro activity, in… CONTINUE READING