Novel Nor and Seco Triterpenoids from Koelpinia linearis

  title={Novel Nor and Seco Triterpenoids from Koelpinia linearis},
  author={Wajaht Amin Shah and Mohammad Y. Dar and Mushtaq Ahmad Qurishi},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
Three novel triterpenoids, C:D seco (8→14) urso-8(26),12(13)-dien-3β-ol, C:D seco (8→14) urso-8(26),13(14)-dien-3β-ol, and C:Dseco (8→14),27 nor-urso-12-ene-3β-20α-diol were isolated from Koelpinia linearis and characterized by spectral and chemical methods. 
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Unusually cyclized triterpenes: occurrence, biosynthesis and chemical synthesis.

The biosynthetic origin of most of triterpenes lies in cascade cyclizations and rearrangements of the acyclic precursors squalene (S) and 2,3-oxidosqualene (OS), processes leading to tetra- and

Plant-derived triterpenoid biomarkers and their applications in paleoenvironmental reconstructions : chemotaxonomy , geological alteration , and vegetation reconstruction

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Der Chemismus der Farbreaktionen nach Liebermann und Salkowski bei Triterpenen und Sterinen

Bei den Farbreaktionen nach Liebermann und Salkowski wird unter der wasserabspaltenden und isomerisierenden Wirkung der konzentrierten Schwefelsaure ein konjugiertes Dien gebildet. Aus Ursolsaure

Alpine flora of Himalayas, Vikas publication, New Delhi

  • 1982