Novel Lithography-Independent Pore Phase Change Memory

  title={Novel Lithography-Independent Pore Phase Change Memory},
  author={Matthew J. Breitwisch and Thomas Nirschl and C. F. Chen and Yuefeng Zhu and M. H. Lee and Mark C. Lamorey and G. O. BURR and E. A. Joseph and A. Schrott and J. Philipp and Roger Cheek and T. D. Happ and S. Chen and S. Zaidr and P. Flaitz and J. Bruley and R. Dasaka and Bahe Rajendran and S. Rossnage and Minghui Yang and Y. C. Chen and R. Bergmann and H. L. Lung and Christopher Lam},
  journal={2007 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology},
We have successfully demonstrated a novel "pore" phase change memory cell, whose critical dimension (CD) is independent of lithography. Instead, the pore diameter is accurately defined by intentionally creating a "keyhole" with conformal deposition. Fully integrated 256 kbit test chips have been fabricated in 180nm CMOS technology. We report SET times of 80 ns, RESET currents less than 250 muA, and accurate sub-lithographic CDs that can be less than 20% the size of the lithographically -defined… CONTINUE READING
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