Novel Lithium‐Sulfur Polymer Battery Operating at Moderate Temperature

  title={Novel Lithium‐Sulfur Polymer Battery Operating at Moderate Temperature},
  author={Vittorio Marangon and Daniele Di Lecce and Luca Minnetti and Jusef Hassoun},
A safe lithium-sulfur battery employs a composite polymer electrolyte based on a poly(ethylene glycol) dimethyl ether (PEGDME) solid at the room temperature. The electrolyte membrane enables a stable and reversible Li-S electrochemical process already at 50 °C, with low resistance at the electrode/electrolyte interphase and fast Li+ transport. The relatively low molecular weight of the PEGDME and the optimal membrane composition in terms of salts and ceramic allow a liquid-like Li-S conversion… 
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Synthesis and Characterization of a LiFe0.6Mn0.4PO4 Olivine Cathode for Application in a New Lithium Polymer Battery
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