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Novel Fucolipids Accumulating in Human Adenocarcinoma

  title={Novel Fucolipids Accumulating in Human Adenocarcinoma},
  author={Y. Fukushi and E. Nudelman and N. Cochran},
A series of glycolipids having the X determinant (Gal~1+4[Fuccr1+3]GlcNAc) at the terminus and a fucosyl a143 residue at the internal GlcNAc residue have been isolated and characterized from tumor tissues (Hakomori, S., Nudelman, E., Levery, S. B., and Kannagi, R. (1984) J. Biol. Chem. 259,4672-4680. A series of monoclonal antibodies that differentially recognize glycolipids with mono-, di-, and trifucosylated type 2 chain have been isolated and characterized. The antibody FH4 shows a… Expand

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