Novel Approach for Reengineering Relational Databases into XML

  title={Novel Approach for Reengineering Relational Databases into XML},
  author={Chunyan Wang and Anthony Chiu Wa Lo and Reda Alhajj and Ken Barker},
  journal={21st International Conference on Data Engineering Workshops (ICDEW'05)},
In this paper, we present COCALEREX (converting relational to XML) which can address both catalog-based and legacy relational databases. It handles the latter category by first applying the reverse engineering approach described in [2] to extract the ER (Extended Entity Relationship) model from legacy relational databases. This reverse engineering approach is emplyed also not to extract from catalog-based databases meta-data not available in the catalog. Then, COCALEREX converts the ER to XML… CONTINUE READING
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