Novel 9a,11-bridged azalides: One-pot synthesis of N'-substituted 2-imino-1,3-oxazolidines condensed to an azalide aglycone.

  title={Novel 9a,11-bridged azalides: One-pot synthesis of N'-substituted 2-imino-1,3-oxazolidines condensed to an azalide aglycone.},
  author={Zorica Maru{\vs}i{\'c} I{\vs}tuk and Ana-Marija Ciko{\vs} and Dubravka Gembarovski and Gorjana Lazarevski and Ivica Dilovi{\'c} and Dubravka Matkovi{\'c}-{\vC}alogovi{\'c} and Goran Kragol},
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Regioselective 2‐Imino‐1,3‐thiazolidine vs. 2‐Imino‐1,3‐oxazolidine Formation from the Vicinal sec‐Amino Alcohol of Desosamine
In order to optimize Mukaiyama reagent-induced cyclization of vicinal sec-amino alcohols of desosamine origin towards exclusive formation of N′-substituted-2-imino-1,3-thiazolidines via a
Propargylic ureas as powerful and versatile building blocks in the synthesis of various key medicinal heterocyclic compounds
This review article is an attempt to highlight the most important contributions toward the synthesis of various nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds from corresponding propargylic ureas through
Synthesis, NMR and X-ray structure analysis of macrolide aglycons
Macrolide aglycons (E)-9-hydroxyimino-6-O-methylerythronolide A (4), 9a-aza-9-deoxo-9,9-dihydro-9a,11-O-dimethyl-9a-homoerythronolide A (5) and 9a-aza-9-deoxo-9,9-dihydro-9a-homoerythronolide A (6)
Antibacterial Activity of Novel Sulfonylureas, Ureas and Thioureas of 15-Membered Azalides
The success of azithromycin has positioned PLIVA among the few pharmaceutical companies in the world that have developed their own blockbuster drug, and has entitled Croatia to join a small group of nations that has developed a new antibiotic.
The design of novel classes of macrolides for neutrophil-dominated inflammatory diseases.
Despite the difficult chemistry and lack of an extensive knowledge for their mechanism of action, several interesting molecules from this class, including potential clinical candidates, are on the horizon.
Biotic acts of antibiotics
Antibiotics can be effective in treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases and pathological conditions other than those of infectious etiology and, in this capacity, may find widespread applications beyond the intended antimicrobial use.


WinGX suite for small-molecule single-crystal crystallography
The category Computer Program Abstracts provides a rapid means of communicating up-to-date information concerning both new programs or systems and signi®cant updates to existing ones. Following
ORTEP-3 for Windows - a version of ORTEP-III with a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
L Lists of software presented and~or reviewed in the Journal of Applied Crystallography are available on the World Wide Web at the above address, together with information about the availability of the software where this is known.
Single-crystal structure validation with the program PLATON
The results of a single-crystal structure determination when in CIF format can now be validated routinely by automatic procedures, and the concepts of validation and the classes of checks carried out by the program PLATON as part of the IUCr checkCIF facility are described.
BYPASS: an effective method for the refinement of crystal structures containing disordered solvent regions
A method is described for the least-squares refinement of the atomic parameters of the ordered part of a crystal structure in the presence of disordered solvent areas. Potential solvent regions are
New software for searching the Cambridge Structural Database and visualizing crystal structures.
Two new programs have been developed for searching the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and visualizing database entries: ConQuest and Mercury, a high-performance crystal-structure visualizer with extensive facilities for exploring networks of intermolecular contacts.