Novel 5-lipoxygenase isoforms affect the biosynthesis of 5-lipoxygenase products.

  title={Novel 5-lipoxygenase isoforms affect the biosynthesis of 5-lipoxygenase products.},
  author={Luc H Boudreau and Jonathan Bertin and Philippe Pierre Robichaud and Mark Laflamme and Rodney J Ouellette and Nicolas Flamand and Marc E. Surette},
  journal={FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology},
  volume={25 3},
5-Lipoxygenase (5-LO) is the essential enzyme for the biosynthesis of leukotrienes, important mediators of inflammation. This study investigated whether variants of 5-LO exist in human leukocytes. 5-LO mRNA isoforms that are consistent with alternative splicing were identified by RT-PCR in a cell line or cell type-specific pattern. All evaluated cells expressed mRNA containing all 14 exons of 5-LO with the expected splicing sites. Individual isoforms that retained intron 10 (α-10), lacked exon… CONTINUE READING

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