Novel 3D Visualization Techniques for Image Data on Mobile

  title={Novel 3D Visualization Techniques for Image Data on Mobile},
  author={Sarang Junghare and V. M. Thakare and Rajiv V. Dharaskar and Giorgio Maria Aru and Pietro Zanuttigh and Chong-Ook Park and Seong-Ik Cho and Luca Chittaro and Fabio Buttussi and Daniele Nadalutti and Georgios Papaioannou and Maria Lida Menexi and Ran Zask and Matthew N. Dailey and Tse-Wei Chen and Yi-Ling Chen and Shao-Yi Chien and Jin Chen and Alan M. MacEachren and Roy van Pelt and Anna Vilanova and Huub van de Wetering and Hong-Han Shuai and De-Nian Yang and Wen-Huang Cheng and Ming-Syan Chen and Sylvain Faisan and Nicolas Passat and Vincent Noblet and Ren{\'e}e Chabrier and Maciej Panka and Piotr Bala},
Old mobile devices were less powerful and did not support various functions. Therefore complex data visualization with different structure was impossible with old devices. Recent mobile are more powerful having high resolution, more colors, large screen, fast connectivity, various tools than old one, but still visualization on mobile devices has remained a challenging task. Even though current mobile devices have high resolution but it is small as compared to 

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