Novel 3'Rhesus box sequences confound RHD zygosity assignment.

  title={Novel 3'Rhesus box sequences confound RHD zygosity assignment.},
  author={Kimberly A Matheson and Gregory A Denomme},
  volume={42 5},
BACKGROUND Paternal RHD zygosity is required for genetic counseling and management of HDN caused by anti-D. The most common D- haplotype is due to the deletion of RHD, which results in the formation of a hybrid Rhesus box, theoretically through the recombination of 5' and 3'Rhesus boxes. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS The validity of Rhesus box PstI analysis was assessed to determine RHD zygosity by correlating D phenotype, most probable genotype, and Rhesus box PCR-RFLP. RHD exons were examined… CONTINUE READING