Novedades taxonómicas en Galianthe y Borreria (Rubiaceae - Spermacoceae)

  title={Novedades taxon{\'o}micas en Galianthe y Borreria (Rubiaceae - Spermacoceae)},
  author={E. L. Cabral and N. M. Bacigalupo},
Three new species, Galianthe andersonii E.L.Cabral, Galianthe macedoi E.L.Cabral, Galianthe reitzii E.L.Cabral are described and illustrated and two new combinations, Galianthe peruviana (Pers.) E.L.Cabral and Borreria crispata (K. Schum.) E.L.Cabral & Bacigalupo, are presented. A new status and a new name are proposed tor Borreria burchellii; taxonomic observations are given about Borreria tenera DC. 
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