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Novedades sobre la vegetación del Departamento de Arequipa (Perú)

  title={Novedades sobre la vegetaci{\'o}n del Departamento de Arequipa (Per{\'u})},
  author={Antonio. Gal{\'a}n de Mera and Eliana Linares Perea and Jos{\'e} Campos de la Cruz and Carlos Trujillo Vera and Francisco Villasante Benavides and Jos{\'e} Alfredo Vicente Orellana},
A phytosociological analysis and synopsis of the dry woodlands and succulent vegetation of the Peruvian Andes.
A phytosociological approach to dry forest and cactus communities on the occidental slopes of the Peruvian Andes is presented in base of 164 plots carried out following the Braun-Blanquet method, and a typological classification of the studied plant communities is given. Expand
A Phytosociological Classification of the Peruvian Vegetation
The present work is an update of the syntaxonomic scheme of Peru, with the results obtained to present, and four new orders are described here for the first time: Limoselletea australis cl. nov, Mimulo glabrati-Plantaginetalia australi ord, Tillandsietalia latifolio-landbeckii ord, and Tillandsia purpureo-latifoliae all. Expand
The Subnival Vegetation of Moquegua, South Peru: Chasmophytes, Grasslands and Cushion Communities
The present work is a phytosociological synthesis and syntaxonomic overview of the vegetation of the highest subnival parts (superpuna) of the open alpine vegetation of the high plateaus (puna) ofExpand
Distribution of archaeological sites of Ancient Peru is linked to climatology and natural vegetation
Abstract In this article, we try to discover a parallelism among climate and bioclimate belts, use of the territory, and previously studied plant communities, taking into account historical andExpand
La vegetación del Norte del Perú: de los bosques a la jalca en Cajamarca
Espanol.   El departamento de Cajamarca, en el Norte del Peru, se caracteriza en general por un clima mas humedo que el resto del territorio andino peruano occidental. Teniendo en cuenta elExpand
Nuevos registros de Fabiana stephanii Hunz. & Barboza (Solanaceae) en Arequipa y Ayacucho (Perú)
En este trabajo se aportan dos nuevos registros de Fabiana stephanii Hunz. & Barboza para la flora del Sur del Peru, incluyendo datos taxonomicos, biogeograficos y fitosociologicos.