Nouvelles applications des paramètres continus à la théorie des formes quadratiques. Deuxième mémoire. Recherches sur les parallélloèdres primitifs.

  title={Nouvelles applications des param{\`e}tres continus {\`a} la th{\'e}orie des formes quadratiques. Deuxi{\`e}me m{\'e}moire. Recherches sur les parall{\'e}llo{\`e}dres primitifs.},
  author={Georges Voronoi},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)},
  pages={198 - 287}
  • Georges Voronoi
  • Mathematics
  • Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)
Hyperbolic tessellations and generators of ${K}_{\textbf {3}}$ for imaginary quadratic fields
Abstract We develop methods for constructing explicit generators, modulo torsion, of the $K_3$-groups of imaginary quadratic number fields. These methods are based on either tessellations of
Discrete and Complex Algorithms for Curves
A Julia package for numerical evaluations of the Riemann theta function is presented and a solution to a variant of the Schottky problem in genus five, for Jacobians with a vanishing theta null is presented.
Hydrogen Trapping in bcc Iron
This paper investigates the interaction between atomic H and defects in ferromagnetic body-centered cubic iron using density functional theory (DFT) calculations and results enable further investigating H-enhanced decohesion at GBs in Fe.
Hyperbolic tessellations and generators of K_3 for imaginary quadratic fields
We develop methods for constructing explicit generating elements, modulo torsion, of the K_3-groups of imaginary quadratic number fields. These methods are based on either tessellations of hyperbolic
Map evaluation using matched topology graphs
A new approach for the evaluation of 2D grid maps is presented that makes use of a topology graph, i.e., a topological representation that includes abstracted local metric information and several methods for computing the similarity of vertices in two topology graphs for performing a place-recognition are presented.
Réseaux de points flexibles pour modulations et codages à hautes efficacités spectrales. (On lattice coding for point-to-point communications over awgn and fading channels: design and implementation)
This work addresses the application of emergent structures, known as lattices, for the digital communications problem, and proposes the multilevel lattice construction using a set of nested binary linear Reed-Muller codes for both Gaussian and Rayleigh block fading channels.
Prise en compte de la complexité géométrique des modèles structuraux dans des méthodes de maillage fondées sur le diagramme de Voronoï
Selon la methode utilisee pour construire un modele structural en trois dimensions et selon l'application a laquelle il est destine, son maillage, en d'autres termes sa representation informatique,
Dual strongly perfect lattices
Liquid penetration into paper
The origin of this thesis lay in the production of defects associated with manufa cturing LPM impregnated panels. The causes of these defects were unknown as was their exact nature. In identifying
A spatial awareness framework for enhancing game agent behaviour
A novel data structure based on a modified medial axis, which establishes a mapping between the medial axis and world structures is developed, which can be used to perform queries about the width, curvature and connectivity of a space within a virtual world.