Nouveaux Palpigrades de Trieste, de Slovénie, de Malte, du Paraguay, de Thaïlande et de Bornéo

  title={Nouveaux Palpigrades de Trieste, de Slov{\'e}nie, de Malte, du Paraguay, de Tha{\"i}lande et de Born{\'e}o},
  author={Bruno Cond{\'e}},
  journal={Revue Suisse De Zoologie},
  • B. Condé
  • Published 1988
  • Biology
  • Revue Suisse De Zoologie

Distribution and morphology of the European Karst palpigrade Eukoenenia gasparoi (Arachnida: Palpigradi)

The distribution of this troglobiotic species endemic to the classical European Karst region is reviewed, an illustrated description of the adult stages and the juvenile female is given, and divergence among the populations is evaluated.

Distribution of palpigrades (Arachnida, Palpigradi) in Slovenia with a new record of Eukoenenia austriaca (Hansen, 1926)

In 2005, a subadult male of E. austriaca was collected in Migutovo brezno Cave, which is the first palpigrade record from the northwestern part of Slovenia, and differs from the nominal subspecies, and additional specimens from the locality would be required for exact subspecific determination.

Eukoenenia (Palpigradi: Eukoeneniidae) in Brazilian caves with the first troglobiotic palpigrade from South America

The description of the first troglobite species from South America is presented here, and Eukoenenia maquinensis, new species, collected in the Maquiné Cave Minas Gerais, Brazil, has six blades in the lateral organs, seven pairs of setae on the propeltidium, and a singular chaetotaxy of opisthosomal sternites.

Two new troglobiotic palpigrades (Palpigradi: Eukoeneniidae) from Brazil.

Two new species of troglobiotic Brazilian palpigrades are described: Eukoenenia jequitinhonha sp. n., found in Lapa do Córrego do Vieira cave (Caraí, Minas Gerais) and E. cavatica sp. n., found in

A new Eukoenenia species from the Caucasus bridges a gap in the known distribution of palpigrades (Arachnida: Palpigradi)

The type locality of E. vargovitshi lies in the middle of a large area without previous palpigrade records, extending from Romania and Greece to northern India, and shares a peculiar and probably apomorphic character state with Eukoenenia pretneri from a cave in southern Croatia.

New palpigrades (Arachnida, Eukoeneniidae) from the Iberian Peninsula.

Three new species and a new subspecies of palpigrades are described and illustrated and the Iberian fauna now comprises nine species that are placed into two different morphological groups.

Eukoenenia florenciae (Arachnida: Palpigradi): Lessons from a newcomer to Central Europe and the island of Tenerife

This probably parthenogenetic species is redescribed, information on the thick setae of the coxae and the forked setae on the terminal segment of the first leg is provided, and the significance of these previously disregarded characters for species delimitation and systematics of the Palpigradi is discussed.

Eukoenenia virgemdalapa (Palpigradi: Eukoeneniidae): a new troglobitic palpigrade from Brazil

E. virgemdalapa, the third species of troglobitic Palpigradi from Brazil is described and shown that palpigrades are widely distributed in some regions of the country and new species have been found.

A new highly troglomorphic species of Eukoenenia (Palpigradi: Eukoeneniidae) from tropical Brazil

This new species of Brazil is very close to E. maquinensis Souza & Ferreira 2010, a troglobitic species recently described from Gruta de Maquiné, located in the same municipal district.