Notiz zum Verhalten des Leierschwanzes (Menura novaehollandine)

  title={Notiz zum Verhalten des Leierschwanzes (Menura novaehollandine)},
  author={G. Diesselhorst},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r Ornithologie},
A film-strip byH. J. Pollock, which by courtesy of the 2nd German TV I had the opportunity to study in detail, revealed three points of the biology and behaviour of the Superb Lyrebird, which do not seem to be fully described in the literature. 1. When fed by the female the chick, even in his first days of life, does not gape in the usual way of other passeriform birds. The food is hold before by the female. The chick then opens its mouth and takes the morcel from the parents bill. 2. Food… Expand