Notices of new or little known genera and species of coleoptera / by Francis P. Pascoe.

  title={Notices of new or little known genera and species of coleoptera / by Francis P. Pascoe.},
  author={F. P. Pascoe}
Colydiine Genera (Coleoptera: Zopheridae: Colydiinae) of the New World: A Key and Nomenclatural Acts 30 Years in the Making
The classification history of the subfamily Colydiinae is provided, followed by a provisional diagnosis for the group, with a list of all 305 described species currently considered valid. Expand
Phylogeny of the Gondwanan beetle family Ulodidae (Tenebrionoidea).
The presence of pore-fields in the abdominal cuticle has evolved at least three times in Meryx Latreille, Syrphetodes Pascoe and Trachyderastes Kaszab (New Caledonia) and the following characters are derived in the family: tuberculate body surface and the presence of scales and /or encrustations. Expand
Gondwanan Gymnochilini (Coleoptera: Trogossitidae): generic concepts, review of New Zealand species and long‐range Pacific dispersal
The derived placement of Juan Fernandez Phanodesta in the phylogeny is evidence for long‐distance dispersal from Australasia, and a key to the New Zealand species and a checklist for the species of the Kolibacia, Leperina and PhAnodesta are provided. Expand
Checklist of Disteniidae and Vesperidae (Coleoptera) from India
A checklist of Disteniidae and Vesperidae (Coleoptera) within the present geographical frontier of Indian subcontinent up to 2016 is provided and accepted nomenclature followed by all relevant works reporting systematics, classification, synonyms, type locality and distribution within and outside India. Expand
Beetle with long ‘nose’—A bizarre stem scydmaenine in amber from Myanmar (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae)
A highly advanced glandulariine scydmaenine, Nuegua elongata Yin, Cai & Newton, gen. et sp. Expand
Platyphora Gistel, 1857 from Itatiaia National Park, southeastern Brazil: new synonymy and new records (Insecta, Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
The Itatiaia National Park is one of the most important Conservation Units of the Atlantic Rainforest and 36 Platyphora species are recorded from the park and 24 are illustrated for the first time. Expand
Catalogue of Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera) of North America
This catalogue includes all valid family-group (8 subfamilies, 52 tribes, 14 subtribes), genus-group, and species-group names of darkling beetles known to occur in North America and their available synonyms. Expand
Revision of the genus Intybia (Coleoptera, Malachiidae) from Japan
Japanese species of the genus Intybia are revised taxonomically, with the examination of the endophallic structure. Eight species, including one new species Intybia donan sp. nov. from Yonaguni-jima,Expand
Catalogue of Genus-Group Names in Alleculinae (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
A nomenclatural review of the world Alleculinae genus-group names is provided to promote stability and to identify new synonymies. Expand